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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Keller Lab

Special Optics designed and developed a set of three custom lenses used in the new IsoView light-sheet microscope developed by Philipp Keller and Raghav Chhetri of Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Keller Lab in 2015.  The IsoView incorporates highly specialized microscope objectives, f-theta scan lenses and illumination tube lenses from Special Optics.

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Stanford University Department of Neurobiology

0.96 NA objective, stainless housing for life science research in aqueous environment
F#: 0.52, Aperture: 23, EFL: 12, WD: 1.5mm water, FOV: 0.4

Janelia Research Campus, HHMI

0.65 NA Water Immersion Microscope objective lens used for excitation in the Bessel Beam Structured Plane Illumination on Microscope designed by Eric Betzig

Schleier-Smith Lab at Stanford University

0.6 NA, EFL: 38mm, FOV: 0.2mm, WD: 8.91mm Vacuum + 3.175mm Silica + 2.59mm Air, AR Coating: 320nm, 780-852nm, 1064nm. Researchers trap the atoms at that distance and resolve single atoms (at 852 nm) with the objective.

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Applied Scientific Imaging (ASi)

Immersion objective lens specifically designed for light sheet microscopy of cleared
tissue samples, including ASI’s Dual-view Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy system (diSPIM).

0.4 NA objective, FOV: >1 mm, MAG: ~17x, WD: 12 mm

Designed for dipping media RI ranging from 1.33 to 1.56, an enhanced chemically
resistance sealant and non-metallic cover make the lens compatible with a wide range of media including:

  • water with salt, sugars, and other non-aggressive solute including routine-use biological buffers
  • FocusClear (CLARITY)
  • glycerol
  • mineral oil
  • silicone oil
  • TDE (2,2-thiodiethanol)
  • ethyl cinnamate
  • benzyl benzoate
  • benzyl alcohol & BABB
  • other proprietary organic media
  • DBE
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