diSPIM Cleared Tissue Imaging

0.4 NA @ RI 1.45 Immersion Objective

Special Optics and Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI), a provider of complex life science and light microscopy solutions, together have developed an immersion objective lens specifically designed for light sheet microscopy of cleared tissue samples, including ASI’s dual-view Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (diSPIM) which enables isotropic resolution without manipulating the sample. The lens is also appealing to researchers building customized microscope setups (e.g. OpenSPIM type) because it is available for separate purchase, unlike other objectives suitable for cleared tissue.cleared tissue imaging microscope objective

The 0.4 N.A. multi-immersion objective is designed for dipping media RI ranging from 1.33 to 1.56, has NA ~0.4, >1 mm field of view, ~17x magnification, and 12 mm working distance.  When used in multi-view systems like the diSPIM, the Special Optics objective lens offers sub-micron resolution in X, Y, and Z.

The large working distance enables imaging samples that were previously inaccessible. The objective permits imaging more than 5 mm deep into a flat sample when rotated at a 45° angle above the sample, as used in the diSPIM.

For additional information please contact Craig Fitzgerald at craig.fitzgerald@navitar.com.

dispim objective
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