Autofocus Cameras

Pixelink offers a full suite of USB 3.0 autofocus liquid lens cameras ideal for high speed imaging applications. Leveraging Varioptic electrowetting liquid lens technology optimizes the compatibility between the camera and autofocus lens, thus delivering fast, noiseless, controllable autofocus from 10 cm to infinity. Applications include: PCB Inspection, Biometrics - Facial and Retinal, Medical, Biotechnology, Bar-code Reading 


  • One push-autofocus, move focus from one post to another at high speed
  • Seamless integration of a compact, low-powerdurable liquid lens
  • Get a sharp image from a few centimeters to infinity in less than 20 ms
  • Get started quickly by integrating your autofocus application with the Pixelink SDK


  • Large range of optical variation - displacing a liquid interface allows for large phase shift variations
  • Sturdiness-it has been tested for over 100 million cycles and shows zero performance degradation
  • Shock resistance- it shows excellent output of the response curve before and after shock tests
  • High-speed- it can reconfigure in tens of milliseconds (see diagram below)
  • Low power consumption- typically it dissipates about 15mW; ten times lower than other systems

If you have any questions about our autofocus cameras, please visit our contact us page or email

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