Cold Fermion / Atom Trapping

Custom Objective for Ultracold Atom Research - Resolving Single Atoms

Schleier-Smith Lab at Stanford University use a custom microscope objective for resolving single atoms. By projecting a pattern of 780 nm light onto the atomic plane with diffraction-limited resolution they can then image atoms with high resolution at 852 nm light.

  • NA: 0.6
  • EFL: 38mm
  • FOV: 0.2mm
  • WD: 8.91mm Vacuum + 3.175mm Silica + 2.59mm Air
  • AR Coating: 320nm, 780-852nm, 1064nm

A hole through the center of the lens allows researchers to send high power 320 nm light (on the same axis as lens) through the objective to highly excite the atoms (principal quantum number n > 20). The atoms then interact with each other over distance scales of a few micrometers. Researchers trap the atoms at that distance and resolve single atoms (at 852 nm) with the objective.

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