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Special Optics, a Navitar company, is a leader in rapidly designing and developing custom precision lens assemblies. We provide state-of-the-art optical solutions that meet the highest standards and solve the most challenging problems. Our world-class optical designers and engineers have worked on some of the most technical optical design projects in the world. 

We excel at optical design and rapid prototyping of complete electro-optical systems while our parent company, Navitar excels at high volume precision lens production. Our expertise includes optical and mechanical design, optical fabrication, coating, and precision assembly.

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Precise AssemblyWhen your optical design project advances past the prototype stages, you can count on Navitar’s manufacturing capabilities and customer service to deliver the consistent quality that you need. Navitar will deliver repeatable performance in every unit that comes off the production line. 

To see how our optical expertise can bring your concepts to reality, give Special Optics a call today at 973-366-7289 or email

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