Motorized Zoom Beam Expanders

New and Improved! Super compact control box and faster USB connection!

For automated applications, Special Optics developed motorized versions of our zoom beam expanders. Our Motorized Zoom beam expanders combine our proprietary five-lens element optical designs from our manual zoom beam expanders, with built-in adjustment motors for controlling lens groups. With our motorized systems, both expansion ratio and focus can be controlled independently from a remote location via controller electronics and software running on the Windows platform or C++.

Special Optics' Motorized Zoom beam expanders typically employ a proprietary five-lens element design with three lens groups to reduce the internal focus. We use fused silica lenses on the two input groups. As a result, high damage thresholds can be achieved.

Beam wander is critical in any zoom lens so we employ a proprietary “rail” design which allows for minimal beam wander while maintaining diffraction limited performance over the entire expansion range. Custom designs have been built which produced wander of less than 0.1 mrad.

With Special Optics' Motorized Zoom beam expanders, variable magnification levels can automatically be set ranging from 1X-4X. This variability helps to reduce machine set up times and provides flexibility to equipment for a wide range of jobs. Laser protection class is also maintained as continuous opening of the machine is no longer required. 

These beam expanders are also ideal for general laboratory research.

  • USB controlled
  • Super compact control box
  • User-controlled focus adjustment
  • Default expansion settings pre-programmed
  • Users can define custom expansion settings
  • Compact 2" outside diameter for standard optical mounting
  • Windows compatible
  • Developed in LabView™
  • GUI (.DLL) can be addressed from C++ or other languages
  • Motorized Zoom Beam Expanders photo
  • Beam Wander
    0.15 mRad
  • Damage Threshold UV & VIS-NIR models
    <100 MW/cm²
  • Expansion Change Time
    < 5 seconds
  • Expansion Range
    1x-4x continuous
  • FOV
    + / - 0.5 Degrees
  • Input Aperture (mm)
    10mm Max
  • Output Aperture (mm)
  • Transmission
  • Usable Temperature Range
    -10 to +50 Celsius
  • Wavefront Distortion
    <0.072 RMS @ 633 nm
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Model Description
56C-30-1-4X-UV, VIS, and NIR 4X Diffraction Limited, High Transmission Motorized Beam Expander
Specs & Docs
Wavelength Range (nm) 266-1550nm
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