June 12, 2019
New Multi-immersion Objective Lens From ASI and Special Optics

ASI and Special Optics have developed two dipping objective lenses designed for light sheet microscopy of cleared tissue samples, including ASI’s ct-dSPIM. These objectives work in any refractive index media without a correction collar because of a unique curved first surface. They are robust to immersion in harsh media including DBE and BABB.

The original objective lens (54-10-12) has nominal NA of 0.4, WD of 12 mm, and allows imaging over 5 mm deep into a flat sample. The second one (54-12-8) has an increased NA of 0.7 with a WD of 10 mm. Both NA and magnification vary slightly with the refractive index of the immersion medium, but WD is constant.

Cleared Tissue Objective Features

  • Dual-view cleared tissue imaging (diSPIM with cleared tissues)
  • Single-view cleared tissue imaging (OpenSPIM setups for cleared tissues)
  • Water-dipping applications with very long working distances

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