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Two-Photon Microscopy

Custom Objective Lenses Support Two-Photon Microscopy Applications

Special Optics offers objective lens solutions optimized for use in two-photon microscopy systems.These apochromatic objectives are customized with high numerical apertures and long working distances for use with various sample sizes and applications. Biomedical researchers use two-photon microscopy to image tissue and look deeper into samples to determine their nature and structure.

Two-photon microscopy is a fluorescence imaging technique used to detail tissue up to a depth of one millimeter. This technique is widely utilized in biotechnology and life sciences, and uses red-shifted light to excite fluorophores. A high-energy pulsed laser delivers bursts of high-frequency illumination. For each excitation, two photons of infrared light are absorbed; using infrared light minimizes scattering in the sample tissue, and allows for deeper tissue penetration and reduced phototoxicity. Layers of fluorescently labeled samples are gradually built up, creating three-dimensional images of living tissue, such as neural and embryonic cells.

Special Optics' custom objectives meet the need for working distances from 0.3 mm to a longerrange of 30 mm. Lenses are also tailored to function at wavelengths from visible light (390-750 nm) to the near infrared (700-1400 nm). Depending on the type of studies being done, two-photon microscopy systems may also be modified for aqueous, oil, and vacuum research environments.

Custom designed lens orders are welcomed. We design and construct countless specialty lenses for our customers everyday. Call, email or submit a custom lens request using our online form. We would be happy to help design something to fit your exact specifications.

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Neuroscience, In vivo Imaging, Quantum Physics


  • Wavelengths from visible light to the near infrared.
  • Working distances from 0.3mm to 30mm.
  • May be tailored for aqueous, oil, and vacuum research environments.
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