Laser Scanning Lenses

Special Optics high resolution (small spot size) F-Theta Scan lenses achieve ultra-fine resolution laser cutting and etching. Our standard and custom laser scan lenses are developed for the most demanding laser micro-machining customers around the world. According to our customers, we routinely deliver the highest resolution, smallest spot sizes, tightest tolerances and lens durability in the optics industry.

Special Optics high precision F-Theta Scan lenses are ideally used in combination with our large output beam expanders for a variety of laser processing and laser micro-machining tasks such as cutting of solar cells, laser marking, laser drilling, and laser scribing.

Standard features include diffraction limited performance, air-spaced design for high damage threshold, anti-reflection coatings on all surfaces.


  • Flat Field at the Image Plane

  • Diffraction Limited Performance

  • Air Spaced Designs for High Damage Threshold

  • Anti-reflection Coatings on All Surfaces

  • Designs from the Ultraviolet to the Visible and Infrared Regions


  • Laser Cutting of Solar Cells

  • Laser Drilling of Metal and Ceramic Sheets (PCB's) Laser Marking of Diverse Materials (Automotive Parts, IC's, Smart Cards)

  • Laser Scribing of Ceramic Substrates Confocal Scanning Beam Laser Microscope for Biotechnology

Special Optics is an ITAR registered company.

Laser Scanning Lenses photo
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